iOS: fix iCloud Tab syncing bug after jailbreak

After jailbreaking both my iPhone 5 and iPad 3rd generation, I was faced with a problem that while iPad and Mac can sync their iCloud Tabs perfectly, my iPhone refused to sync as if it was out of them. Many people said their iPad refuse to work, my doesn’t, iPad works always fine.

After many Google work I found a solution in JailbreakQA (quite a cool place):

Following to86’s comment, I managed to get iPhone’s sync back. Here I’d like to share my steps since it’s not very similar to to86’s:

  1. launch Cydia and uninstall AppSync;
  2. launch iFunBox (since I do not have iFile on iPhone), delete /var/mobile/Library/Caches/;
  3. this is the only file I deleted, not two files;
  4. reboot iPhone;
  5. sure you may see your AppSync-related-apps allĀ gone in home screen but reappear after few seconds, iOS is recaching I guess;
  6. if you set iTunes to auto sync, it may sync your iPhone now, but since you uninstalled AppSync, you may be told “fail to install”;
  7. for now your iCloud Tabs is working again actually, but you may want AppSync back;
  8. launch Cydia, install AppSync, respring as told, everything is done;
  9. so at last you have both AppSync and iCloud Tabs working.

Enjoy jailbreak.