Two memebers of one of my teams left me today, and I feel a little depressed. Everytime this kind of things happen, I will check myself and ask why.

There are several resons that I can conclude, listed below.

Firstly, belief. Simon Sinek pointed that first why then trust. Those people who do not beleive what I believe will not trust me or trust what I am doing. Let put it more clear, if they are not interested in the thing, they feel bored or meaningless, they quit.

Secondly, attaction. There are moments I am totally attracted by some leaders and I think it is also true that if you are attractive enough, you will get more people who would like to cooperate with you. If you are not so attractive, they quit.

Thirdly, benefits. If they see no value in it, if they could not get anything for what they are doing, they quit.

Yeah, something like this.