The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Recently I am totally addicted to this game, I have to say it is really the best game released this year.

As you may concern, I like solo games especially, such as NFS, CS, Warcraft III, NBA 2K and so on. I play these games for years and have special feelings to them. Well, at the same time, I play them just for fun, not for competition or anything else. I made some friends via these games, too.

It is not the first time I ever played the Edler Scrolls games, I tried Morrowind several years ago when I was in Middle School. My roommate at that time lent me the disk and gave me a chance to play Morrowind for 2 days in the weekend. Well, my english was really poor at that time and that game has no Chinese version, meanwhile I had only two days for it so I was in hurry anyway, so playing it was really a horrible experience, not because the game itself, but because me.

This time is rather different. I downloaded Skyrim to my computer and I have plenty of time to enjoy it, my English is good enough to know the stories in it (it has Chinese version too but I think the “original one” is much more cool and fruitful, it proved this thought right afterward). But I think I should record the progress of my getting familiar with this great game.

At first, I was playing a Chinese version and I was busy accomplishing every quest I got. Those TES (The Elder Scrolls) gurus may laugh at this, but it war really my first time to dig this game in deep and being a fool at first is acceptable, isn’t it? Well, to tell you the truth, I had no time to learn the meanings of the shortcuts or spells or enchanting things or everything. Quests come and I went to complete it. I was finding my destinations like a aimless fly and always get stucked. I was feeling no different as I was when I was playing Morrowind.

Later on, I found tricks! Turn on the console and type codes, using saves that have legendary weapons which can kill every boss by only one hit, “TGM” (toggle god mode) and Tcl (toggle collision) and tmm (toggle map markers)… It make gaming much easier, but its core, the fun of playing a role, is lost badly. I refered to may webpages telling those tricks at that time (not far from now I’m writing this blog), for expample,,, an English one and the famous and very helpful wiki UESPwiki. Of course, UESPwiki is always very helpful if you play “normally” and want to know everything, yes everything including bugs and the whole history, of TES. While yes I truned to the English version this time since typing cheats in other language settings may cause the game to crash, later I have to say it is a good way to learn English, both ancient one and current one. :-P

But now, I am really enjoying this game! Everything began went right after I save these videos, which is telling a common way to complete the main story. What impressed me most is not the route the author finishing the task, but the shortcuts he used (I’m always a shortcut user) and the joy of playing this game he showed! As to finding a route to your quest target, there is a spell for it! And yes MODs, introducint a Chinese one and an English one (much more professional and the source of TES’ MOD world).

Enjoy your Skyrim.