New Blog Background

I changed this blog’s background to a green one. I like this background very much, it shows a vivid and joyful spring, it brings warmth and happiness to people, it also trained me a little CSS and Photoshop.

I found this picture here:, yes it’s from a wallpaper website.

I then modified it a little using Photoshop. Firstly, “Select” – “Color Range…”, modify settings to select a good white area. Secondly, “Select” – “Modify” – “Feather…” to feather your selection. Thirdly, “Filter” – “Blur” – “Gaussian Blur…” to blur your selected area. Well this image is actually as big as 1920×1200, so the jpg file I got is as large as 719KB. Many thanks to Roy for teaching me about it anyway.

The next thing is to find a good image hosting server. Sadly enough, I tried and which are all free ones, but they only support resolutions maximum to 1024×960 and 800×600 respectively. What is lucky to me is that I can still use the file server of this blog host to store my image, which is of course no limitation of resolusion but has limited storage.

The last thing is making it work. I just used Safari’s “Inspect Elements” to test the effect and possibility of changing the background and it works. All I need to do is add some CSS codes in the css template. What I wrote was something like below:

body { /*other codes*/background-image:url(;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:top;background-attachment:fixed;}

I learnt this kind of CSS in w3school and I like it. It makes my blog magically extendable in small screens. Well if you have an iMac 27′ or somethings alike you may find my blog fishy. :-P