iOS: fix iCloud Tab syncing bug after jailbreak

After jailbreaking both my iPhone 5 and iPad 3rd generation, I was faced with a problem that while iPad and Mac can sync their iCloud Tabs perfectly, my iPhone refused to sync as if it was out of them. Many people said their iPad refuse to work, my doesn’t, iPad works always fine.

After many Google work I found a solution in JailbreakQA (quite a cool place):

Following to86’s comment, I managed to get iPhone’s sync back. Here I’d like to share my steps since it’s not very similar to to86’s:

  1. launch Cydia and uninstall AppSync;
  2. launch iFunBox (since I do not have iFile on iPhone), delete /var/mobile/Library/Caches/;
  3. this is the only file I deleted, not two files;
  4. reboot iPhone;
  5. sure you may see your AppSync-related-apps all gone in home screen but reappear after few seconds, iOS is recaching I guess;
  6. if you set iTunes to auto sync, it may sync your iPhone now, but since you uninstalled AppSync, you may be told “fail to install”;
  7. for now your iCloud Tabs is working again actually, but you may want AppSync back;
  8. launch Cydia, install AppSync, respring as told, everything is done;
  9. so at last you have both AppSync and iCloud Tabs working.

Enjoy jailbreak.

iOS: my jailbreak tweaks

After several weeks of test and learning, I finally make my iPhone 5 stable on jailbreak tweaks, I’d like to record them here.

  1. Activator, makes iPhone buttonless
  2. Auxo, yeah everybody knows it or you google it
  3. Kuaidial, Chinese dialing tweak must-have
  4. goagent-ios, GFW ting and speed up Cydia official src download if you are in China
  5. DisplayRecorder
  6. SBRotator 6, I love the feel of iPad on iPhone
  7. MobileTerminal

What’s more, I do not recommend Zephyr, it is not compatible with Activator or SBRotator 6, you may receive accidentally respring and weird UI all the time after installing it.


OS X: access IPv6 in THU with ISATAP

Tsinghua University has IPv6 network access if you use cable, sometimes Wi-Fi is also IPv6-ready but it’s never reliable. What’s more, you have to use ISATAP to get an stable IPv6 access in THU, while ISATAP is not officially supported by OS X. So you will find out that IPv6 in THU is sometimes on and down when you are using OS X.

Thank goodness somebody have find out how to fix this without any plugin installing, but some basic command line steps:下用isatap上ipv6/

sudo route delete -inet6 default
EN0_IP=`/sbin/ifconfig en0 | grep inet | grep -v inet6 | awk ‘{print $2}’`
EN1_IP=`/sbin/ifconfig en1 | grep inet | grep -v inet6 | awk ‘{print $2}’`
if [ -n “$EN0_IP” ]; then
if [ -n “$LOCAL_IP” ]; then
/sbin/ifconfig gif0 tunnel $LOCAL_IP
/sbin/ifconfig gif0 inet6 2402:f000:1:1501:200:5efe:$LOCAL_IP prefixlen 64
/sbin/route add -inet6 default 2402:f000:1:1501::1

I tried it, it works. But it is not known why the IP address shown in System Preferences panel is different from the gif0 interface specified in ifconfig command.


Here are some more links talking about this issue, but they are either too old an post to giving a working workaround or using a very complex way to fix it.

OS X: hide/unhide files and folders

Let’s use ~/Desktop/1.txt and ~/Desktop/1/ for example.

Hide files and folders:

chflags hidden ~/Desktop/1.txt

chflags hidden ~/Desktop/1/

Unhide files and folders:

chflags nohidden ~/Desktop/1.txt

chflags nohidden ~/Desktop/1/

If you installed Apple developer command line tool in Xcode, you can also use the following ones.

Hide files and folders:

setfile -a V ~/Desktop/1.txt

setfile -a V~/Desktop/1/

Unhide files and folders:

setfile -a v ~/Desktop/1.txt

setfile -a v ~/Desktop/1/

It is also true that these two command makes the same effects, so you can simply use any combination of them. For example, use chflags to hide one file and use setfile to unhide it.

Source link:

On Apple begins selling unlocked iPhone 5

Source news:

I’m interested in this news because I’m also buying one. I asked my friend in HK to buy the iPhone 5 in a much lower price than it will be in the mainland. What is disappointing is that, iPhone 5 was ready for sale in HK at September 20th, but after several moths until now, I’m still waiting for the deal to be done. How come? It’s mainly because a very special phenomenon in China, ticket resale, ”Huang Niu” in Chinese.

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the dig- ital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad. I began to love Apple when I was in middle school and I’m thrilled by its vision of personal computing. In recent years, Apple’s products are becoming more and more popular around the world, and ticket resellers in China paid much more attention on this growing market.

There is no taxes in HK for Apple products so these devices usually price 800 to 1000 RMB lower than those sold in mainland. What’s more, HK is usually in the first class of Apple products’ release country/region. Ever heating pursuit of Apple products, much lower price, first selling place, the short distance to mainland, these four reasons make HK a per- fect place for people to buy Apple devices, and yet a perfect place for those Huang Nius to make big profit.

Let’s take iPhone 5 for example, here is how their business work. On the first day of iPhone 5 release in HK, Apple already did something to prevent Huang Nius from buying iPhone 5: there is no option for shopping online or shopping in Apple Store, everybody have to draw cuts online to reserve iPhone 5, and one ID card can only buy up to 2 models a day. Even after these rules settled, you can hardly buy an iPhone 5 in the next 3 months, since millions of Huang Nius are also drawing cuts against people who really want to buy iPhone 5!

Then it comes to the funny part, an iPhone 5 pricing 4600 RMB in HK will be sold at a price of 8000 RMB in the mainland, people in HK can hardly buy iPhone 5 just because of the big amount of Huang Nius drawing cuts everyday. I’m not alone, I’ve benign drawing cuts for 3 months since the release of iPhone 5 in HK and I got nothing for now. While being depressed, I’m full of anger on those Huang Nius, they are ruining the market and destroyed the normal trading cycle, they are kind of evil and selfish.

iPhone 5 will meet it’s release in mainland at December 14th, with this date drawing near, prices of iPhone 5 models from HK is dropping everyday, but I’m sure that when iPhone 5 is released in mainland, there will be another crowd of Huang Nius buying them, and the hard time cycles.

Dennis Wong

Dec. 2nd, 2012

Brief History of My First Mac


I am currently using a MacBook (MC516, if you are an Apple guru) and I love it very much. It is my first Mac and also the last one (Mid 2010) of the MacBook product line. It helped me a lot on everything. Here I’d like to write something about it, as a matter of memory.

I bought it at a price of 7200 RMB (computer price was 6899 RMB, with skins costed 300 RMB) at Jan. 30th, 2011. At that time I was working on an iOS project but sadly enough I didn’t even have a Mac! After I come back home I became stuck in the dilemma that I have something to do but I do not have the tool, my parents saw my sad face and they asked me why. “Just buy one, my child,” said dad. And yes we did so. I know clearly that why I can get a Mac that day is not because I needed it so badly, but that they love me and know I can do better things with it.

I named it “HELL” to tell me myself that the world it somewhat a danger place and living if suffering. I’m an optimistic person, I just need find it awesome to have a partner which denotes opposite. I mainly did three things with it, using it, upgrading it and love it.

I bought two Samsung 4 GB memory modules (4G DDR3 1066 4GB PC3-8500S) at Nov. 9th, 2011 at a price to 310 RMB, it’s cool. The URL is

At Oct. 10th, 2012,  I bought an “Optibay” suite at a price of 115 RMB, the URL is

Then an 256GB ADATA SSD (ASP900S3-256GM-B) at a price of 1029 RMB, the URL is

So for Oct. 10th, 2012, the total upgrading cost is 1454 RMB, total value is 8654 RMB.

I had fixed for the water accident happend at Nov. 6th, 2012, so added a fix cost of 1050 RMB. Total value became 9704 RMB, quite expensive, isn’t it?



OS X: iTunification Pushes iTunes Notificatons


bmwmengwei is a great Apple guru and his introduced an app named “iTunification” in his fantastic blog. I tried this little free app and found it really amazing except for one thing: it’s logo in Notification Center is just too ugly!

Changing it is very easy, just make a new .icns file and copy it into Menu – Show Package Content)Contents/Resources/icon.icns, change it, logout and login again, launch iTunification and iTunes, you will find everything works just fine.


OS X: Clean Up "Open with…" Context Menu

I’m messed up with dulplicate items in the context menu when I choose “Open with…”, it is really annoying, I think OS X has never been so stupid and ugly ever.

Where yes Apple is again and again messing up all those cool things Jobs had ever created, they just ignore those small details and do things in a businessman way. See all these iOS 6, OS X, iPhone 5, I can not be more angry about those great harm to the user experience they have done.

OK stop complaining, let go back to this topic.


  1. Apple’s official documentation is here, as many other blogs tell, but I think I can not work;
  2. This page talked some ultilities such as OnyX and Default Apps, yes they are cool but GUI is sometimes too verbose;
  3. The one I used is the command line introduced in this blog

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

Log out and log in again, it works.


Make Mail works better

I use OS X’s everyday, it’s really helpful and easy to use, except for some annoying small settings. Here I just list those problems and show you how to solve it in order to make it works better.

1. Automatically previewing attachments slows down the whole app!

Yes it’s true that in most cases auto-preview is good and convenient but when attachments are very large, you will suffer from the frustrating stuck of the app. So turn it off, by

defaults write DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yes

If you want to restore to default, just type:

defaults write DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool false

I didn’t find it out myself, I refered to this article here:

2. I want to automatically bcc to my backup mail box!

As to me, I have an mail box which offers unlimit mail storage which is really awesome! So I decided to use that mail box to backup everything. When you receive a mail, just re-direct it to mail box, cool. But when you send a mail, you may want to automatically bcc to that mail box. Here is the trick:

defaults write UserHeaders ‘{“Bcc” = “”; }’

I didn’t find it out myself, either, the original article is here:

3. Force to diaply names from Address Book/Contacts!

Well, so far, no way! This disadvane is driving me crazy and I’m very worried that if Jobs didn’t notice this who else will fix this small but annoying bug!

Apple’s just offering everything in a perfect way and it taught us to be serious about those minor things, hope them fix all these things officially in the future.

The Release of iPhone 5

Apple released iPhone 5 at 01:00, Sep. 13th, 2012, GMT +08:00.

Here is an article which I like very much because it’s short and expressive (written in Chinese):

What’s more, I agree with the author’s opinion that you will never know how fantastic Apple’s products are only when you see and touch them youself.

For more information about iPhone 5, you can just visit Apple’s official website:

I’d like to say some little words about this release.

The innovation of iPhone is stepping into stabilization like the Macintosh, the same thing happen to iOS as to OS X, it’s the change from adding new hardware features to performace-improving and optimizing software. Smart mobile deivces are becoming more and more same-looking just like PCs, but Apple’s iCloud and it’s ability to make hardware and software work together perfectly makes them confident enough. The other competitors are still comparing each other’s hardware and numbers, just let them go, no matter how “powerful” your devices are, you are not Apple, your devices are not iPhones.

iPhone的创新逐渐进入了像Mac那样的稳定期,一如iOS之于OS X,从片面的硬件新特性转向了软件的优化和提升。如同PC,智能移动设备也在同质化,但苹果的iCloud、软硬完美结合的能力让他们信心十足。对手们潜心比硬件比参数好了,你们“性能”再强,可惜你们不是苹果,你们的产品不是iPhone。